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Bank Account in Turkey

Having one of the strongest banking system globally, Turkey has the most reliable banks that are providing high quality services. While completing all financial transactions at the highest speed, Turkish banks, thanks to their international recognition, provide you with the opportunity to be a global member of the financial community. Your cross-border transactions could be concluded at affordable amounts through white-listed, strong financial institutions established in Turkey. Another advantage is, Turkish banks could deliver your debit & credit card, working with internationally recognized payment systems such as Visa and Master Card which will enable you to use your bank account opened in Turkey anywhere in the world.

Open a bank account in Turkey

Company Formation in Turkey

Thanks to its young and dynamic population, Turkey is one of the most important emerging economies of the world. From service sector to industrial area, there are lots of businesses that foreigners can invest in. As a foreign investor, you will have the chance to benefit from various incentives and advantages (such as tax exemption for several kinds of businesses). All you have to do is to establish a company in Turkey which can be completed within a few days upon preparation of the necessary documentation.

Setup a company in Turkey

Real Estate in Turkey

With its growing economy, tourism opportunities and agriculturally rich places, Turkey has been a frequent destination for many foreigners who settled in Turkey by obtaining citizenship in recent years. Purchasing a real estate is the most popular way of obtaining the Turkish citizenship. If the value of the real estate is above USD 400,000, you will be able to apply Turkish citizenship along with your family! .

Buy a property in Turkey

Legal Translation in Turkish

In Turkey, a popular place for foreign investment, the need for working in different languages is increasing day by day. Contrary to translations made through inadequate automated systems, translation services performed by experts in their field will meet all your needs at affordable prices. While doing this, the speed you need in business life will not be compromised.

Translate legal documents in Turkish

Offshore Over Turkey

In recent years, Turkey has become a hub for investments not only within the borders of Turkey. This has led to a significant increase in the number of companies choosing Turkey as the center of their investments. Since Turkey, with its growing economy and its investor-friendly approach, is considered as one of the internationally safe economies, it has become a center of attraction not only for investments made in Turkey, but also for investments outside Turkey. Therefore, establishment of off-shore companies through Turkey is becoming more and more popular day by day. For example, with a bank account to be opened in Turkey, it will be possible to carry out the commercial transactions of company established in a country (such as Cayman Islands) in a completely secure manner through Turkey.

Setup an offshore company